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Super Easy Ayurveda Breakfast Recipe

This is a yummy hot breakfast cereal recipe that is balancing for all three doshas; vata, pitta and kapha. This recipe is used for stress, weight and pain …694


Refreshing Summer drink | Ayurvedic Recipe

This summer cooler is made using coconut and basil seeds, both used to cool the body according to ayurveda. In Ayurveda, coconut is considered to be a …95


Ayurvedic Oatmeal Delicious Recipe for Vata Dosha

This recipe leans more for Vata Dosha 1 Tablespoon of Ghee 1/3 cup of Oats 2/3 cup of Structured Water 1/2 teaspoon of Pink Himalaya Salt 1/8 teaspoon of …2251


Ayurvedic Thai Curry Recipe – Onlymyhealth.com

For Similar Videos Click [removed] Ayurvedic Thai Curry Recipe – This …487


Ayurvedic Shampoo & Shaving Cream Recipe

A rough ‘n ready quick recipe for Ayurvedic shaving cream, body wash and shampoo… sorry for the video quality… hopefully the content is worthwhile…84


Special Ayurvedic Winter Recipe ~ Mung Dal Fritters

Watch as Master Ayurveda Chef Shri Sanjai Mathur demonstrates how to make a special Ayurvedic winter recipe called Mung Dal fritters during Vedika Global’s …1006


Ayurvedic Basil Tea Recipe । for Cold, Cough & Soar Throat । सर्दी और कफ के लिए आयुर्वेदिक काढ़ा

नमस्कार मित्रों, अभी सर्दी का मौसम चल रहा है और बहोत से लोगों को सर्दी और…244


Julie Learns Ayurvedic Cooking and Recipes – Chopra Centered No. 2

Visit: [removed] Julie Zwillich gets a lesson in nutrition at the La Costa Blue Grill. The key to Ayurvedic eating is to balance the six tastes – sour, bitter …282


How to Cook Bitter Melon | Karela | Ayurvedic Recipe

Learn about Karela, Indian Bitter Melon from an Ayurvedic perspective and how to cook a yummy and easy stir fry dish. In this video, Sapna, a Registered …899


Ayurvedic Detox Water for Weight loss | Healthy recipe by Rinku's Rasoi

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey and sharing in it with me! I heart you all! :) BLOG: [removed] COOKING CHANNEL: …165